peter-offringa-272x270Peter Offringa is the primary author of the VP Engineering Playbook.  Peter has been leading software development teams for Internet-based companies for 20 years.  He began this journey in 1996 by starting a web design shop and building basic web sites for companies in Dallas, TX. In 1999, he moved to San Francisco to participate in the first Dot Com bubble. Over subsequent years, he served in VP of Engineering and CTO roles at a number of high traffic sites, ranging from high growth start-ups to publicly traded companies.  He has delivered products in multiple spaces – online dating, social apps, news, consumer technology, automotive and advertising systems. He has been responsible for all aspects of software engineering and delivery, from UI Dev to data center operations.  He usually operates as a member of the senior executive team, reporting to the CEO or business division head. Peter has a CS degree from Princeton University.

Peter views technology leadership approaches from an organizational perspective. His fundamental thesis is that most technology problems are people problems.  Much of his leadership style has been influenced by the military.  After college, Peter served as an officer in the US Army.  His first job was leading 52 soldiers in the installation of mobile communication systems on mountaintops across South Korea.

Peter lives in Sarasota, Florida, with his wife.  When not working, they enjoy doing anything in the sun.

Connect with Peter on LinkedIn.  Also, check out Peter’s new investment blog Software Stack Investing.  This blog applies deep understanding of software engineering towards investment decisions in the companies that provide solutions for the modern software stack.